Greeting by Dr. Sam Rehnborg of Nutrilite – Corporate Video

It felt like a family reunion more than a corporate video production being back at the Nutrilite facility in Buena Park, CA to record Dr.Sam Rehnborg, long time friend and President of Nutrilite, the food supplement division of the Amway Corporation. I asked Cameron Tucker to handle the 2nd camera. Cameron shot the “California Gold” programs for Huell Howser in Huell’s last years and is also a long time friend and fellow cinematographer. We trucked in the cameras, lights, teleprompter and audio equipment, and the set was finished an hour or so later. Along with Dr. Sam were several Amway independent business owners who were present for interviews and testimonials. I had the locked-down two-shot during the testimonial and Cameron did the close-ups. Editing was completed two weeks later. The set looked great, adorned with several of the Nutrilite Products as we began what was to be about a 3 hour shoot. Dr. Sam’s greeting is provided for your viewing enjoyment below.

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Business Videos that Add Perceived Value


Clients who only see the end result of the work that we do tend to undervalue the process and may object to the cost. That’s when a business video that shows the process from start to finish can put in perspective the scope of the work, making it easier for people to appreciate the value.

In my own business I’ve heard it more than once: “You charge WHAT?! for a 60 second video!?” (A brief explanation about the 30 hours of editing usually takes care of the objection).

Below is an example of a video that illustrates a process. It’s no longer difficult for clients of charming and very personable Imani Williams of Platinum Candy Buffets to understand the work that goes into creating a magnificent wedding dessert buffet as she goes through the process from empty table to work of art in this entertaining 90 second video:

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Website Video Production – Feeding the Videocentric Generation

Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video

Marc Gold: 24KT Sound & Video


Those of you who have read my posts before know that my South Bay video production company, 24KT Sound & Video, exists to help businesses create video content that communicates with a generation of videocentric consumers.

“Videocentric” and the related term, “videocentricity” describe a generation of consumers that thrive on a steady diet of internet video to get all their information about the outside world – a compulsion brought about by the proliferation of video-enabled technology and social media networks that are very adept at sharing information.

Fortunately, the compulsion is benign and easily identified by its tell-tale posture: curved spine with face hovering over a smart phone or tablet. Oblivious to the outside world, videocentrics are often unable to respond to external stimuli because of ear-blocking headgear. If afflicted at a young age, one might imagine that their long term prognosis is carpal tunnel, stenosis and gradual loss of hearing. However, in the short term, business owners can capitalize on the compulsion by feeding the hunger it creates with website video.

Videocentrics are driven by a basic principle of human nature which states that no one in their right mind EVER does anything in the most difficult, time-consuming way possible if there is a quicker, easier alternative, as would be the case with watching videos as opposed to reading text, making website video a very compelling attraction.

Given the same content in both printed form and in a video, only 2 out of 10 videocentrics will read the text to completion while 8 out of 10 will watch the entire video, retain the information longer and act upon it more positively. Furthermore, if the intent of the business is to sell a product or service, there is a 74% better chance of success after watching a video on the subject.

There is no cure for videocentricity. The best result that can be hoped for is to reach the videocentric with media that feeds the compulsion, and make it tempting by putting it within reach.

If your business has a future, there is going to be a video in it sooner or later. Be an early adapter and reach out to the videcentric generation. IF YOU PUT VIDEO ON YOUR WEBSITE…THEY WILL COME.

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