Amateur Videos Can Work Against You

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There’s a time and a place for posting homemade videos, and your business website isn’t one of them. It’s all about IMAGE and the impression you want to associate with your brand, especially on your website where there is the potential to be seen and shared by lots of people. Websites are compromised, reputations tarnished and customers discouraged by amateur videos on business websites. If you absolutely have to post an amateur video anywhere, do it where there’s little chance of causing damage to your brand.

Your website video is an opportunity to put your best foot forward. When you post a video it should be made to impress and give visitors a reason to look further into your business. So, despite the temptation to pick up your mobile device to record your latest news flash, RESIST. Your video should be well planned and technically impressive with a clear call to action that encourages further interaction with your business. A professional videographer with business video experience can guide you successfully through the process.

Businesses investing in professional video are reaping the rewards of communicating optimally with the emerging video generation. Because of its popularity, the bar is higher now for website video with the expectation that it should be picture and audio perfect, capable of presenting precise, detailed information in a succinct, informative if not entertaining manner. Vis a vis professional video, homemade video just looks and sounds very amateur, and on an otherwise carefully developed website is enough to damage your credibility sending the whole purchasing process into a fatal tailspin. Here’s a sample video for the Amway/Nutrilite company from our video gallery:

Nutrilite Corp. Chinese IBO’s Visit the Center for Optimal Health — from our business video gallery.

Remember, credibility helps build like-ability and trust. People buy from the brands they like and trust. With a credible video, one that shows care and professionalism in the making, you have the potential to build a strong rapport and the kind of connection with visitors that helps them feel comfortable doing business with you.

Take a look at some of the business videos and recorded customer testimonials in the video gallery on this website for some ideas about the different types of productions that you can incorporate on your own site.

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