How Good is Video on My Website?

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178 million Americans watched 33 billion videos in February, 2013.

If your goal is to keep your visitors engaged for a longer time, help them to find what they’re looking for and retain information longer, or if you wish your visitors to become:

1)  Customers

2)  Knowledgeable about your products and services

3)  Informed about your company’s upcoming events, promotions or accomplishments, research confirms that you have a much better chance of doing so with a well-produced video than you do with text and photos. There are many examples of website videos produced by 24KT in our video gallery as well as video testimonials from the business owners who have benefitted from our productions.

80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will actually read content in its entirety.

24KT produces visually engaging videos that drive more visitors to your site and hold their attention for a longer time. This will not only promote higher conversion rates, but also extend your reach by encouraging sharing on social networks. Considering that consumers spend only about eight seconds on a website before frustration sets in, your window of opportunity to engage a visitor is very small.

Entertaining, green screen commercial for Phenomenex Corporation — from our business video gallery.

What Works and What Doesn’t Work?

This Works: Adding a video to your website establishes an emotional connection to your business that encourages visitors to become customers.

This Doesn’t Work: A website that mainly consists of text will have a higher bounce rate as busy people won’t spend much time reading a lot of content to find what they’re looking for. 24KT’s videos are efficient communicators. They’ll help you convey lots of information in a very small timeframe. This is what your consumers expect and they give first preference to websites that offer it.

This Doesn’t Work: Amateur videos can detract from your company’s reputation. 24KT’s website videos enhance your company’s image with precise and detailed information presented in an informative, entertaining format. In our video gallery you’ll find examples of very unique website video including animated “explainer videos” and very high energy “extreme marketing videos”. Visit our video gallery for some ideas and examples.

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