Is Your Website Doing What You Think It Is?

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A video on your website is all about keeping visitors there long enough to find what they’re looking for and encouraging them to become customers.

Your level of conversion success correlates with your website’s ability to connect with a consumer’s purchasing “comfort zone” and building the emotional connection that allows them to feel safe in doing business with you. Your site has to break down the barriers that inhibit your customers purchasing decisions. This can be done by developing a level of trust that suppresses the skepticism which normally many consumers have. Take this self-assessment to see how you might be doing with your own website.

Take This Self-Assesment:

1)  Does your website give visitors a chance to visualize themselves using and benefitting from what you offer?

2)  Have you addressed the customer’s inherent skepticism and anxiety about buying something they may not have prior experience with from a company they’ve never done business with?

3)  What do you have on your website to build credibility and trust?

4)  How have you personalized your site with a face and a voice that people can relate to?

5)  Are you requiring people to read too much text to find what they’re looking for?

6)  Are you doing everything possible to engage and keep visitors’ attention to prevent them from leaving your site and moving on to one of your competitors?

Solution: A professionally made video on your website becomes the “face and the voice” of your site enthusiastically representing you 24/7 with detailed information about any aspect of your business that you wish. It is the “key” to creating a warm and friendly emotional environment that allows visitors to connect not only with your site, but with you, personally, and is a strong factor in building the level of credibility and trust that produces customers. A video on your business website is the best answer to all the above questions. Visit our video gallery for some ideas and examples.

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