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Thirty-Five Proud Years in Wedding Video Production – Incredible Memories for Over 2000 Couples.

OUR STYLE AND FOCUS are most appreciated by detailed, meticulous clients who place high value on the cinematic look and feel of their video.Couples who enjoy expert, heartfelt story-telling that centers on the precious moments and intimate exchanges with loved ones at their event…videos that increase in emotional value over time as they become a return ticket for a trip to the past with no expiration. Incidentally, we’re fun to work with and know how to stay out of the way.

WHAT YOU’LL RECEIVE:  Detailed, comprehensive coverage, crystal clear audio and video, your favorite music, highlights, printable images taken from your video, DVD or Blu-Ray disc and digital files for sharing on the internet. We’ll gladly assist you in English or Spanish. (specialized slider, jib and steadi-cam shots also available).


(1) BY THE HOUR:  Single camera $350.00/hr. (two hour minimum). Add a 2nd camera for $250.00/hr. (two hour minimum). Editing and Blu Ray Disc included.

(2) BY THE PACKAGE: (Editing and Blu Ray Disc included)

      (A) Single Camera, six hours, $1700.00 (additional hours @ $350.00/hr)

      (B) Two cameras, six hours, $2250.00 (additional hours @ $350.00/hr)

      (C) GO BEYOND AMAZING with this extraordinary package that provides specialized equipment for stunning motion and dramatic, elevated views of your event, plus digital highlights to share on social media. Two cameras. Up to 8 hours of coverage, $4500.00***

All packages include detailed editing,  DVD or Blu Ray Disc, custom-designed DVD album, quick turn-around.

CUSTOMIZING YOUR VIDEO: We’ll gladly customize your video to your taste. Just ask! and know that I’m very attentive to the little details that make for a wonderful story. It’s an approach that takes experience, insight and a deep love of people. That’s the challenge and the reward of creating truly compelling video. 

INCREDIBLE DIGITAL SLIDE SHOWS TO SHOW AND SHARE: Send us 45 or more of your digital images, a favorite song title and a few short captions and we’ll make this montage for you. Call for details 310 547-4702 or email to View Sample below:

Contact us for a courtesy consultation: 310 547-4702; or by email.

 A word from our clients: “Dear Marc, Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our wedding video. We absolutely loved it! You have such a great eye for detail and got every moment we would have picked. Thanks to you we will always be able to relive our wedding day by watching our video. Thank you, Millie and Marco”