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Some of our satisfied clients have been kind enough to share a review of their experience with us. Customer reviews are always appreciated and we’re grateful to receive them.

Brad Nixon and I have collaborated on a number of business videos since meeting a few years ago. We’re kindred spirits in our belief in the power of video as a medium of communication.

CEO John Ward of Turnstone Capital, graciously speaks on behalf of 24KT. John’s been in front of my lens on more than one occasion.


Rick Rice had three ‘sizzle points’ that he wanted to advertise about his printing business, Letterhead Factory: Great quality, competitive prices and fast turn-around. We hired 3 actors to represent his three points and directed them through a short but very entertaining commercial.


Kelly’s a great entrepreneur and someone I truly admire. She asked us to make a video for her website to introduce K&P Janitorial and to spread the word about her company having just gone ‘green’ with the cleaning products they use. Kelly’s always fun to direct and tape.


Chuck and Dena wanted to do a super-white background commercial with kinetic typography for their real estate company. We set up in their home where I helped them through the shoot. Dena’s got an award-winning smile and they were both a lot of fun to work with. Thanks for your testimonial!


Dr. Mike asked us to help him with his video for sale, “Newborn Care 101”, so that new moms and dads would be able to take better care of their newborns. This was a big project with lots of post. Thank you, Dr. Mike, for sharing your feelings about working with 24KT.

More Testimonials:

“On the video, how absolutely cool!! I’ll put it on my Facebook page, plus on our website, and anywhere else I can think of, and make sure I mention your name in all. I like this style a lot, buy the way, will put on my thinking cap and see if we can do a longer one like this next year.” – Rick Rick, Owner: Letterhead Factory, Carson, CA. – Here’s the link to the video on my blog:

“Marc and 24kt Sound & Video made two videos for our company’s websites. I know a little about video, enough to know that for your website you need a professional to make your first impression to viewers as perfect as possible. Marc was able to capture not just the look, but the feeling we wanted to project. We are extremely happy with his ability, and he was so patient with our nervousness in front of the camera. We couldn’t be happier and would definitely recommend Marc for every business looking to add video into their business marketing. He’s the BEST.   – Chuck and Dena Bricker

“I wanted to take the time to thank 24KT Sound and Video, for the amazing job they did for our office video. They had all the equipment needed to make this video look like we were on a movie set. The video turned out looking professional. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job that was done. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a professional video”   – Dr. Nasrin Moghadasian

“I have used 24KT Sound and Video for a major video project and I could not have been more happy. Marc Gold was attentive to what I needed, was patient and very professional. He has an incredible amount of expertise and was able to use it to produce a very polished finished product. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any video project, big or small.”     – Dr. Paul Hirano

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