Wayfarers Chapel

Exceptionally beautiful pre and post ceremony, gorgeous sunset and a fabulous reaction from the groom as he sees Deborah for the first time. I’ll help you with video as beautiful as this, day or night. Guaranteed.   Jae and John at Wayfarers chapel, one of the most elaborate and carefully choreographed weddings I’ve recorded there. Talk about goose bumps!

Special thanks to Erik and Jamie, for the wonderful experience of taping their wedding at the Chapel in Palos Verdes, California. What a beautiful couple! Eric is outspoken in his love for Wendy in this 3 minute Wayfarers Chapel video highlight. Beautiful videography is all about how well the story is told by the videographer. We’ve taken it to the limit in this captivating clip.

Another beautiful afternoon wedding at the Chapel. Edmundo and Mercy made a very handsome couple!   An evening wedding at the Chapel. A.J. and Dawn are a very handsome and gracious couple. Includes some beautiful pre and post ceremony footage of the couple.

Korben’s baptism montage consists entirely of still images taken from the live video footage from before, after and during his baptism ceremony at Wayfarers Chapel. Korben’s baptism montage, version two, with still images and live footage from his baptism ceremony and some family messages. The family also received a full length edit of the whole event on Blu-Ray.