Video Marketing Strategies for Business

Video is the ideal Attraction for your targeted prospects and clients:  Everyone prefers to consume the value and expertise of your services and/or products in different ways. But, Google has proven that video is the absolute most popular form of consumption on the internet given that 60% of all internet traffic is VIDEO!

Video Improves Your Search Results: Google favors added value popular content, such as blogs, video and images to what their engines index and returns in search. Google even revealed recently that these types of content are returned in one of every four searches.

Video is The Ultimate Way to Showcase Your Value: Think about this, research has already proven your prospects and clients prefer video versus static text. Your videos have the ability to answer valuable FAQ’s that help build trust and credibility and warmly convert interested prospects into clients.

Video allows you to interest prospects by offering demos of your expertise and service or product results.

Video Is Customer Service Friendly: No handling over a long boring manual, customers can play a video and learn how to set up your product or even how to schedule an appointment or educate them on how to get the most value out of your service and/or product.

Video Builds “Know, Like, and Trust”: Being seen on video or having a company executive talk to the camera about what you do and why you’re better than the competition takes building a relationship with potential prospects to an entirely new level.

Video Taps Into the outreach of YouTube: Besides posting your videos on your own site, you can also post them on YouTube. Research tells us that one-quarter of all internet users visits YouTube, viewing hundreds of thousands of videos.

This video portal is an increasingly important site as a business owner to showcase your businesses, services and/or product’s value giving you a chance to find highly targeted new clients outside of your existing advertising systems.

Videos Increase Your Brand Value: Your prospects and clients will value your business at an entirely new level because you are up-to-speed on new technology that excites them. It reaffirms to them that you are growing, not stagnant or dying.

I cannot emphasize enough how the business landscape has changed and differentiating yourself from your competition by showcasing your value and attracting customers via video is one of the easiest ways to ensure your business grows and profits during this time!

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