South Bay Wedding Videography – Norris Pavilion

Beautifully close-up, intimate shots make Samantha and Ernesto’s wedding ceremony highlight the perfect example of how stunning a video can be when everything comes together perfectly. In this two camera shoot we were given the freedom to move around almost anywhere in the church except on the altar itself and the lighting was perfect. This  gave us the opportunity to film some gorgeous close-ups of the couple during their ceremony, some of which you’ll see in this tightly edited two minute highlight.

Talk about “mood swings”, Ernesto and Samantha’s wedding reception video highlight has it all from subdued to chaotic. Filmed with two cameras at the Norris Pavilion on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. I think you’ll be smiling by the end of this short clip.

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Torrance Business & Trade Show Videography – Women’s Club Open House

Business and trade show videography are especially well suited to the specialized tools I make available for my corporate clients’ video productions. It’s my good fortune to frequently find myself behind the camera filming one business event or another in Torrance. This one is at the Torrance Women’s club open house hosted by West Coast Catering and the members of Elite Event Professionals networking club. Couples and families with upcoming weddings and other special events came out to meet the vendors and size up the venue for their own event.

The jazzy little video highlight below was filmed with a single camera atop a 6 foot crane for the entire event giving the video a dramatic, elevated view of everything that went on in the room. The crane unit is small enough to be assembled and operated by a single person and fits comfortably into even moderately crowded spaces. Because it’s not nearly as mobile as a hand-held or tripod mounted camera, I recommend the crane unit as an excellent second camera option for clients that want a video with higher production value and a more cinematic feel. Check out the clip below and see what I mean. It opens with two crane shots with many others throughout the video.

Videography of Baptisms at Wayfarers Chapel – Baby Jaclyn

Precious little video highlight from Jaclyn’s recent christening at Wayfarers Chapel, the second we’ve done for her family in recent years. One of many I’ve recorded at the chapel in the past three decades along with hundreds of wedding videos. I can’t imagine anything more gratifying than to record moments like these for a family. A few scenic shots from around the chapel open the video followed by mom getting Jaclyn dressed all in white. The video closes with a medley of stills taken from the video footage. Enjoy the clip.

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Pulling off Successful Outdoor Wedding Videography

Outdoor weddings from Big Sur to Laguna Beach are a natural for our south bay wedding video production company. Because the outdoors presents it’s own set of unique challenges, the videographer needs a few additional tools in his toolbox to manage the potentially damaging effects of wind and sunlight. Incidentally, in the two-camera wedding highlight below the guy in the Phantom mask is the bride’s dad…part of their theme for the event.

While most of our couples wish for a sunny day and cool ocean breeze, the wind and the sun are not the videographer’s friends. A little bit of forethought and preparation, however, can help avoid wind-damaged sound tracks and blinding sunlight falling on the camera viewfinder. Under-the-jacket placement of the wireless mics prevents destructive wind noise in the audio track, and a simple viewfinder shade or viewfinder-fitted eyepiece allows the videographer to see what he’s shooting much more clearly even in bright sunlight. We used these tools in Leonardo and Vanessa’s highlight below with beautiful results.

The clip is a four minute, short-form highlight combining scenes from the ceremony and reception, a format that gives the viewer a feel for the ‘whole event’ in a very short time frame, great for social media sharing – an option we like to provide for our brides and grooms.

Here’s the clip:

24KT Sound & Video – Marc Gold: Owner/Videographer/Editor.  Proudly one of the oldest videography companies in Southern California.

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