Torrance City Council Candidate Debate, Nakano Theater, April 28, 2016


Watch the heart-felt closing remarks by Torrance City Council candidates Geoff Rizzo, Milton Herring, Mike Griffiths, Dr. Genghmun Eng and Asam Sheikh, filmed by local videographer, Marc Gold, of 24KT Sound & Video on April 28th at the George Nakano Theater, Torrance. The debate was sponsored by the USBA (Unified Small Business Alliance), a popular South Bay networking club managed by realtor Aurelio Mattucci.

24KT Sound & Video, proudly one of Torrance’s oldest video production companies, serving L.A. and Orange counties with professional corporate and industrial video production services. Contact Marc Gold at (310) 547-4702 about your upcoming video production.


Supercharged Wedding Reception Video Highlight – Michael’s Tuscany Room


Sizzling HOT wedding video highlight from Theron & Stephanie’s reception at Michael’s Tuscany Room in San Pedro. The template for this video was purchased from and allows for 45 clips. All the motion paths and transitions are pre-designed into the template. My own clips were plugged in with just a little basic knowledge of After Effects taking about an hour to complete.

Michael’s is a beautiful venue for video, very scenic with old European styling. A balcony makes a great second camera location. I shot this reception for Jim & Laura Weintraub of Weintraub Photography. Enjoy the highlight!

This is our 35th year in wedding videography. Call us for your upcoming special event: 310 547-4702.

L.A. Video Production Companies – Corporate & Industrial Video Reel


24KT Sound & Video 2016 Corporate video production reel – a 45 second compilation of our business & industrial videography. Enjoy!

This video was built with a template purchased from Designed for After Effects, the template has 35 video placeholders where my own clips were plugged in, a fairly simple process with a little basic After Effects Knowledge.

Half-day and full-day rates. Quotes on Request. For higher production value please inquire about our teleprompter, green screen, tracks & dolly, camera crane.

24KT-Proudly one of Los Angeles’ oldest video production companies. 310 547-4702

Incredible Digital Slide Shows & Montages

Check out these incredible photo slideshows! Easy and inexpensive to make for any occasion. Available as digital files or on flash drives to share everywhere!

Send us 45 or more of your best digital images, a favorite song title and a few short captions and we’ll make this montage for you. See the samples below and pick your style.  Call for details 310 547-4702 or email to Specialty video products by 24KT Sound & Video, Los Angeles. Time to do something sexy with your photos!


Bat Mitzvah Video Production – San Fernando Valley – Sherman Oaks

This precocious 13 year old steals the show at her bat mitzvah ceremony and reception brimming with energy and personality! Two magnificent venues make for some sensational videography, pristine audio and stunning visuals as Hailey delivers a performance that brings wild accolades from the audience, myself in particular, Hailey’s grandfather and personal videographer. This two camera shoot features beautiful close-ups during the ceremony at Temple Judea of Sherman Oaks and some dramatic, elevated shots from the second floor of the Vatican Banquet Hall where the reception was held. Hailey’s definitely the star of the event, loving every minute of her time in the spotlight. Enjoy the clip!

24KT Sound & Video – 35 years in professional bar and bat mitzvah videography. 310 547-4702

Professional Quinceañera Videography – South Bay, Los Angeles

Beautiful two-camera videography make Daisy’s three minute quinceañera highlight a beautiful keepsake of an extraordinary day! The rehearsal, ceremony, park photo shoot and evening reception all come together in this memorable clip.

Being able to speak Spanish and knowing the quinceañera traditions definitely helped. Familiarity with the waltz, the surprise dance and other events symbolizing the transition from childhood to adulthood all have their own special choreography. As the videographer, it’s helpful to know how these things go down ahead of time.

Daisy’s uncle Armando, the person who hired me, provided the details of how he wanted the day covered. I was to attend and record the waltz rehearsal three days before the ceremony and reception. I made the trip to a part of L.A. that I wasn’t particularly comfortable with, 69th and Broadway, arriving about 30 minutes early to the venue – an unmarked hall with a “For Rent” sign posted. It was locked. I didn’t spot anyone that looked like they belonged to my event. I waited beyond the designated start time wondering if I was in the right place, keeping a look-out in my rear view mirror. I had flashbacks of another time when, waiting at the curb before a gig, a kid on a bicycle road past me on the sidewalk and began firing a pistol across my windshield at the car turning left in front of me in the intersection.

Despite the plain appearance of the outside of the building, the room inside looked surprisingly nice. A broad, carpet-covered staircase led to a second floor overlooking the main dance and dining area. The view would be spectacular from up above. Three days later I recorded the morning ceremony in a 100 year-old church in Huntington Park. The place was breathtaking, and the priest was a very gracious, helpful individual. A park photo shoot followed and later that day came the reception. All in all, a very pleasant event.

Enjoy this 4 minute highlight of the quinceañera.

Contact me at 310 547-4702 to record your upcoming wedding, quinceañera, debut or formal ball.

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