Think You’ve Seen Everything? Tracee’s wedding reception bombshell is over-the-top!

Tracee lures Janet into her amazing wedding day surprise captured on video:

There was no escape for Janet, definitely the shyer of the two, as Tracee persisted in keeping her in the limelight at their Terranea wedding reception. Her over-the-top surprise had Janet running for the door (and everyone else rolling in the aisle). This is one wedding video production that will remain permanently embedded in my mind. What a couple of great people!! Love you!

I recorded their wedding ceremony at Wayfarers Chapel earlier in the day, then met them at Terranea for their reception where this extraordinary expression of affection took place. You gotta love this just for it’s sheer spontaniety.

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Please Help Me Save My Dog “Nala”

My neighbor demanded they take my dog away.

Her neighbor complained, and when Lynne’s home town city council demanded a hearing to determine whether of not she could keep her beloved German Shepherd, “Nala”, I made this touching video for her to be shown at the hearing to help her make a strong case for keeping her dog. It needed to be a very persuasive video to move the bureaucrats at city hall. Lynne and I discussed how the video would be produced, what it needed to contain to be convincing and touching at the same time. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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Cooking with Daryll – French Knife Skills – Chopping & Dicing

Never cut your fingers in the kitchen again!

Get out the knives, onions, parsley and Krav Laks and join chef Daryll in this brand new, entertaining 7 min. instructional video for all the cooking enthusiasts who are prone to cut their fingers along with the veggies. Chef Daryll Hersche teaches basic French knife techniques in this light-hearted video production. Instantly improve your chopping and dicing skills as Daryll walks you through this helpful demonstration. You’ll be better than a veg-o-matic in just 7 short minutes. Daryll can be emailied at:

Lot’s of fun producing this video for Daryll. One of many, I hope.

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Photo Montages that Push The Limits

I didn’t let on to my client that this was going to be a huge challenge.

Debbie has me make a photo montage for each of her kids as they turn 50, and they all have a curve ball thrown into the mix that really pushes the limits of my creativity. “Here’s a photo of a redwood tree trunk,” she said. “I want it to illustrate my daughter climbing the corporate ladder. I want branches to appear to grow from the trunk as my daughter climbs  up the tree until she gets to the top. The name of every company she’s worked for has to appear in the foliage of each branch.”

“Not so bad”, I thought. As a wedding videographer I’ve done many photo montages for my clients over the years, and while this one had a little twist to it, it was definitely do-able. But would it be good enough to please Debbie? Hmmm.

Now, Debbie’s an interior designer of very discriminating taste with very high expectations. The montage was going to be shown at Kathy’s birthday party out of state and the whole family was going to be there to watch it so it had to be good. Here’s how it turned out. Following the tree segment provided here for you to watch is the email I received after everyone watched the montage.

“Our video was a huge success! There was laughter, a few tears and genuine disappointment when it came to a close because they all wanted more. Kathy could not have been more pleased. She loved it all, but especially the “Lone Ranger”, her boys and the Logo Tree. Thanks so much for all you did. You made it a very special Thanksgiving for all 20 of us.”  Debbie

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