Palos Verdes Video Production – St John Fisher Rehearsal Highlight

Absolutely stunning, incredibly sharp video highlight seen below of Joe and Katy’s wedding rehearsal at St John Fisher, Palos Verdes, CA. filmed in 4k with the amazing Zenmuse X5 camera. The quality of this 2 min. video speaks for itself.

The X5 is tiny and very portable. The different angles seen in this highlight were obtained by moving the camera (it lifts up literally with one finger) from location to location during the rehearsal. The Camera, which is configured on a mini tripod with a 3′ riser sits on the floor and is so inconspicuous that it is hardly noticeable. The camera operator sits nearby in the pews and operates every function of the X5 with a cellphone app. Truly amazing technology. The picture quality is to die for! For the camera buffs the settings were: ISO 400; shutter 1/60; aperature 5.6. The lighting conditions were challenging, dark in the pew areas, bright on the altar. After camera calaibration I filmed mostly manual focus at infinity with periodic auto focus adjustments. Enjoy the clip!


South Bay Video Production for Business Testimonials

CEO of Turnstone Capital Recommends 24KT Sound & Video

24KT is strong on producing video testimonials for south bay businesses. Many thanks to CEO John Ward of Turnstone Capital, Gardena, CA for graciously allowing me to record him. John’s no stranger to 24KT and has been in front of my lens on more than one occasion. His testimonial is very much appreciated. We recorded at the JNET meeting at Congregation Ner Tamid in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. JNET, by the way, is one of the fastest growing business networking clubs on the PV Peninsula if not in the entire South Bay.

I strongly believe in and look for every opportunity to recommend testimonials for local business owners. I have many on my own site, and never hesitate to ask a client if they’ll do one for my production company. Client testimonials speak loudly and clearly to a company’s credibility, and do so much more convincingly than a business owner speaking about his or her own company. There’s nothing better than hearing the words of a satisfied customer to provide the incentive to do business with that company. Here’s John’s testimonial:

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