Damaged Video – Working Miracles in Post Production

Occasionally I edit for other video production companies where the work requires a lot of fixing due to a number of problems. When I accept a job like this it becomes my responsibility to make the video look as natural as possible. This is done by applying one or more filters from the editing software to the unfortunate clip. The latest version of Vegas software, Vegas Pro 14 by Magix, makes this a relatively simple process. I’ve created and saved as Pre-Sets a number of chains of filters that address multiple problems with a single click. Below is a still taken from video showing the defective image and the same image after a filter chain has been applied. The original clip is over exposed, over saturated, grainy, and softly focussed. It’s pretty amazing what can be done with the right program and a bit of experience. (Other software used: NewBlue Color Fast and Neat Video).


Original Image


Repaired Image

Below is an image which needed enhancement from a production of my own.

Before Correction

Before Correction

After Correction

After Correction

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L.A. Video Production – Creating Stunning Interviews, Talking Heads and Testimonials

Don’t risk bringing down your video production with amateur-looking interviews! With a little bit of ‘professional’ attention to the details, interviews and testimonials can look stunning. The trick is to create an appropriate set for the shoot and light it properly. When Western International Securities hired 24KT to film company testimonials for their website and social media during their week-long conference at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, we brought in our own pipe and drape backdrop with custom made black, pleated drapes. We used two 1000 watt LED lights for key and fill on dimmers for optimal control as well as a c-stand mounted hair and shoulder light to provide some separation from the dark background. Take a look at these beautiful still images of the WIS speakers and see what I mean about creating sharp, beautifully sculpted talking heads.

image6 image7 image8 image9 image10 image4 image3 WIS Talking Head


South Bay Video Production for Live Shows and Performances

Hold on to your hats and fasten your seat belts for some magnificent dancing!Outstanding three camera video highlight of Nuestras Raices’ 20th anniversary performance of baile folklorico. This is our 3rd year filming for this South Bay club who welcomed us back to film their milestone 20th anniversary show. We filmed with three cameras, one close-up, another wide and the third backstage on a camera crane for some truly unique action shots of the dancers. Our 20 minute photo montage and dance rehearsal reel greeted guests entering the Redondo Beach Center for Performing Arts where the show was staged. We attended a rehearsal in advance of the performance to set up and test out the crane to be sure it was in a safe location for this nearly 3 hour extravaganza. Below is a 2 minute, high energy highlight with some clips from the show. Enjoy!

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Palos Verdes Wedding Videography – St Peters by the Sea

Beautiful slider and dolly shots give Mike and Hasti’s 45 second wedding video intro a very appealing, silky-smooth look and feel. So much depends on the tools and techniques of the wedding videographer. Enjoy the clip and contact us to record your upcoming event.

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Torrance Video Production for Business – Sunrider International’s Grand Convention

Uplifting and motivational corporate video production at it’s very best…Five long days and nights behind the camera, 1.3 terabytes of raw video, and 11 revisions later (30 hours edited down to 5 minutes), the Sunrider International Convention video is on line! Sunrider IBO’s from around the globe came together to be wined and dined, trained, exercised, catered to in every regard and entertained in spectacular Sunrider style…a just reward to all the hard-working Sunrider IBO’s and ABO’s for the highest levels of achievement… and I had the pleasure of recording what felt like every single minute of it! From the Westin and Marriot Hotels in Long Beach to swank SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, to Sunrider Headquarters in Torrance, the camera rolled through training sessions, health and fitness workouts, gourmet dinners and dancing and superbly produced entertainment, morning, noon and night, non-stop for five days. And it was a thrill!! Motivational comments by the owners and executives in Sunrider conclude the video. Music track, photographs and some video footage provided by Sunrider.

Here’s the highlight video I produced. Enjoy!! and Share abundantly.




Eric & Wendy’s Extraordinary Wayfarers Chapel Wedding Video

Recording wedding videos at Wayfarers Chapel is still a very personal experience for me, having done single and multiple camera shoots there for decades now. This three minute highlight from Eric & Wendy’s wedding videot is very special, however, built upon the moving love story related by the groom, Eric, and some beautiful scenes of him and Wendy on the grounds of the Chapel both before and after their wedding ceremony. Worked in to the romantic story line are the wedding vows as performed at the Chapel. Beautiful videography is more than the one, two or three cameras filming the wedding…It’s about how well the story is told by the videographer and put together by the editor. Watch the highlight and see what I mean. Enjoy and please share abundantly.

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