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Check out the below video featuring South bay Chapter LeTip business networking group.

South Bay LeTip is a professional organization of men and women dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service. Our primary purpose is to give and receive qualified business tips or leads. Members will, at all times, maintain the highest professional integrity.

We know you have a lot of choices when selecting a marketing company. Make certain you choose a video marketing company with the experience and professional approach that helps you succeed.

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Top Tips for Website Video Production

Website video production in Los Angeles needs the same level of strategic planning & techniques as any other broadcast video. You cannot expect better brand awareness, action and improved sales by simply throwing random stuff into your website video. The quality of the production should be consistent with the image you’ve created for your brand. Shoddy or home-made video can give the impression of a company not well invested in its own reputation. Keep it professional on all levels if you expect to be judged as professional in your market.

A professional video production company can create a corporate video that gains instant, if not viral popularity in the social media benefitting your company with wider reach in your market than you may have anticipated. However, while creating a viral video is an exhilarating concept, it should not be the primary goal for your corporate video. Your video should provide information of interest about your company for your target market with the intention of attracting more visitors to your website, keeping them there longer, encouraging them to become customers and raising your bottom line. Here are the top things to start with:

Set a Goal

Unlike wedding and special event videography, you need to set a goal that you expect your video to achieve. All the content of the video should be moving your website visitors in the direction of that goal. If you have multiple goals or target audiences for your website video, creative production companies in Los Angeles can create different versions of your video to promote each idea and goal independently.

Include Call to Action

You should decide what you want your viewers to do once they watch your video. The call to action could be something like signing up, sharing the video, buying a product, downloading a document or white paper, responding to a request or simply clicking on a link. Plan your call to action with sales in mind and convey it to your corporate video production company.

Be Creative, And Selective

Wedding and special event videography and corporate videography are two distinctly different types of video that require different skill sets and equipment. The former being family-oriented events that are distinctly emotional in nature, while video production for business is information oriented. Select a company with a documented history of producing videos for business and carefully browse their website video galleries to evaluate samples of recent work. Notice the variety of styles and level of creativity. There are many formats of corporate video available including traditional talking heads, animated ‘explainer’ videos and high energy videos that tout new products and services. Offer viewers some value, something unique and creative so they will truly enjoy the video and will derive great benefit.

Pay the Price for High Quality Production

Video production costs generally depend on how creative your concept is, the amount of editing, casting, direction and the talent used. It is best to pay a little bit more for a high quality production than to cut corners and skimp on quality. Keep in mind that your video represents your brand. A high quality video will prove to be a value as the years pass.

Plan Distribution

For optimum results of your website video, plan its distribution strategically using social media and other influential online locations. Also plan in advance to optimize the video for the search engines and SEO and comment handling.

You can use analytics and feedback to learn what is working best for you. Plan the video and have fun!

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Helping out my BF DJ Jazzy Jackson. Check out this video.

I’ve been helping my friend DJ Jazzy Jackson get to and from some of his gigs and made this video demo for him for his website. Check it out:

Comments Welcome!

Jazzy and I have been best friends forever, fishing buddies and we work together often at the same gigs, Jazzy as a DJ/master of ceremonies and me as a videographer mostly in gigs around the south bay area of Los Angeles. Whenever we pair up at a gig I try to make a video demo for him to help him out.

Website Videos that Connect with the “Purchasing Comfort Zone”

Are You Connecting With Your Website Visitors Purchasing Comfort Zone?

Your level of success in converting visitors to customers correlates with your website’s ability to connect with a consumer’s purchasing “comfort zone” and building the emotional connection that allows them to feel safe in doing business with you. Your site has to break down the barriers that inhibit your customers’ purchasing decisions. This can be done by developing a level of trust that suppresses the skepticism which many consumers often have. It’s the old formula: Website videos that build rapport inspire credibility which leads to trust and likeability. People respond to others they like and trust.

As a Los Angeles corporate videographer, I’ve learned that there are lots of “trust signals” in face to face conversation among which are eye contact, tone of voice and body language. When we’re speaking with someone, in addition to the meaning of the words spoken, we are constantly processing these signals that help us judge the validity of what we’re hearing, ultimately building the trust that can facilitate decision-making. With this in mind, an important goal of your website content should be to provide the trust signals that we’re accustomed to in conversation, and in doing so encourage visitors to take the next step in doing business with you. There are few things more powerful than a video of a spokesperson on your website to accomplish that. That video represents you 24/7 and can speak enthusiastically about any aspect of your business that you wish… in detail.

It’s against human nature for people to want to do anything in the slowest, most difficult way possible. On the contrary. People want to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. If text is primarily what you offer your website visitors, then you’re requiring them to invest the time it takes to read in order to get the information they need from you. Whether they will or not is the question. Considering that you only have about eight seconds to engage a visitor, the odds of someone becoming a customer are reduced if the only option is to read your content. It can be much more efficient to watch a video that packs a lot of information into a very small package to get at the same information.

Think about your own browsing habits. Given the choice of getting the same information by pouring through pages of text or just sitting back, watching a video and let it all sink in? Which one would you choose?

What it comes down to is this:  You want to do everything you can to keep visitors on your site long enough to find what they’re looking for and to convert them into paying customers. By speaking to their “purchasing comfort zone” with a video you can boost your conversion rate significantly.

To watch a video that explores this subject in more depth please see, “Why you Definitely Need Video on Your Website” at

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