85 Year Old Flies Across Stage and Loves Every Minute Of It!

It’s one of those once-in-a-career moments for this L.A. videographer who happens to love recording live theater to capture San Pedro’s newest celebrity octogenarian, Dottie, gracefully flying across the stage at the Warner Grand Theater after the performance of “The Wizard of Oz”, an honor bestowed upon her by the show’s director and owner of Encore Entertainers, Summer Dey Cacciagioni. So comfortable, so poised in Glinda’s bubble (the Good Witch of the North, if you remember the play), Dottie waved her magic wand back and forth saluting the audience as she was carried aloft. Watch the clip below and enjoy!


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Mom was excited beyond words! and I knew we had an award winning demo reel when she called to tell me her daughter had just gotten her first professional acting job after the talent agency received the demo reel I made for her. Her performance in the two hour production of “Annie” has been tightly edited down to just a couple of minutes.  Here’s the winning clip:

As an L.A. wedding and special event videographer it’s a great feeling knowing that in some small way I’ve helped a young actress start her career. Our audition and demo reels create a professional image for athletes, actors and all performers. This type of video is almost always required for application to exclusive fine arts and athletic programs, talent and ad agencies and scholarship applications. They’re relatively easy to make and not very expensive.

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