Instructional and Training Videography in L.A.


Hot off the press...this brand new instructional and training video for SCGMA, is one of the many genres of commercial productions we create at 24KT.  This one has been a long time in the making with lots of back-and-forth revising for the client, but well worth the effort. It was a two camera production with lots of interesting shots showing the installation of huge glass windows into industrial buildings. The video is currently featured on our home page at, and we include it here as well for your enjoyment.


Love at Any Age – Regina and Charles’ Wedding Video Highlight

Savor this lovingly delicious wedding video highlight for the rare delicacy that it is.

A last minute referral put me at the Doubletree Hotel in San Pedro behind the video camera at Charles and Regina’s wedding ceremony and reception…a young-at-heart couple in their 60’s.

Hours later as the event was concluding I found myself thinking what a poignant reminder this experience was of why I’m in the wedding video production business, and the  joy that comes with it, but even more important than that, I was privileged that day to witness and record the promise of new love at an age when it might not be expected, and I took comfort in the thought that throughout one’s life, endless beginnings are possible.

This video is my special gift to you. Share it freely. It brings hope when life becomes difficult.

Love to record your next special event. Professional video production services for Los Angeles, Orange County and the greater Southern California area.

Contact Marc at 310 547-4702 or email to

Special thanks to Demetra Cunningham of SBD Events, Director of Elite Event Professionals, for that referral.



Video Production of Live Shows and Demo Reels in Los Angeles

Check out the demo reel of 7 year old Lauren Gavitt as “Oliver” at the Rose Center Theater in Westminster, CA., the second reel we produced for her, and the review from Lauren’s mom, Christie, for which I’m eternally grateful (the video follows below):

“We hired Marc with 24KT Sound & Video for the first time this past November to film our 7 year old daughter in “Annie” where she played “Molly,”and then have him prepare a demo for her acting reel… The footage he got of our daughter was amazing!

Did I mention that when we put the demo reel he made, up on our daughter’s casting websites, she booked her first job? Well, she did! We put the reel up on a Friday and she booked her first job on Monday. He captured just what we needed and wanted…some acting, some singing, and some dancing…and he nailed it! 

My daughter’s agent is thrilled. She said the footage was, “phenomenal!”  He is truly a professional in every sense of the word and he has the experience you want for outstanding results.

If you or your theater company are looking to have a show filmed, you need to contact Marc at 24KT Sound & Video. You will be so happy you did! And if you are an actor???? He will make you shine!”

To record your next performance contact Marc directly by phone at 310 547-4702 or by email:

You’ve got a great video awaiting you!

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