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This sizzling, celebrity filled corporate video highlight filmed at NOVO at L.A. Live moves at 100 MPH. Enjoy the 45 second highlight. Own one like it for yourself. – high energy videos for business.

Taping for 8 hours on monopod resulted in some outstanding footage of this huge computer game software convention. Guests and celebrities alike were treated to previews of the latest games and tried them out at multiple banks of computers to test their gaming skills. Thousands filled the auditorium for mind-boggling multimedia presentations and meandered through the complex, tantalized by the myriad of new products soon to come onto the market.  All in all, a thrill to witness and record the event!

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Bar Mitzvah Videography South Bay – Jordan’s Bat Mitzvah

videographer Marc Gold with camera

Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video

Rarely have I recorded a moment like this.I’ve been a South Bay videographer for 35 years and have filmed many very emotional moments, but BREAK OUT THE TISSUES for this one! This clip will give you goose bumps, as Cantor Ilan Davidson sings to his daughter, Jordan, at her bat mitzvah service at Temple Beth El of San Pedro, CA. A picture of fatherly love and pride, this 3.5 minute rendition of “In My Daughter’s Eyes” will bring a tear to your eyes as it did everyone in the congregation that wonderful morning. Rarely have I had the chance to witness and record this kind of loving emotion…a moment beyond beautiful. This is the 3rd event I’ve recorded for the Davidson family over the years. Thank you for keeping me in the family. Enjoy the clip!

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Accolades for Spectacular 60th Birthday Video

videographer Marc Gold with camera

Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video

Couldn’t have asked for a better reaction than this!  Steve Goldstein and I have been in the same business networking club, South Bay LeTip, for 8 years, and I was thrilled when he asked me about video taping his upcoming 60th birthday. Steve’s party would feature himself on guitar performing with his two bands, Virtual Campfire and Pacific Combustion, to entertain invited guests. Here’s Steve’s reaction after watching the video:

Marc, WOW, I loved it! I’ve only watched it once so far, but I know I will watch it many more times just this weekend. I don’t know which portion you plan to share with the club on Tuesday, but I hope it’s the photo montage at the end scored to Bob Dylan. Thanks again for a spectacular job doing this. I will let you know if I need any copies.  Stephen M. Goldstein, CPP – President – Payroll Management Solutions, Inc.

So, here you go…Steve’s favorite part of the video, the montage of stills I made from the live footage. Enjoy!

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