Video Production for Charitable Organizations – Toberman Neighborhood Center, San Pedro CA

The Toberman Neighborhood Center,, (TNC) has its facilities in San Pedro, California where our video production company is located. 24KT Sound & Video works with them on an ongoing basis. The video below documents Operation Hashtag Lunchbag, TNC’s food distribution program for homeless people on skid row. Families who at one time were destitute themselves pitched in– adults and children alike– along with TNC staff, to bag up about 350 lunches, drove to downtown L.A. and handed out the meals to grateful residents. The people at TNC don’t consider this a “hand out”, but rather a “hand up”, teaching people who have been down and out themselves that they, too, can help others less fortunate than themselves. It’s a 3 minute video. We hope you enjoy it. I’d be glad to have a comment from you about your reaction. The program is affiliated with Toyota Family Learning,,  and National Center for Families Learning (NCFL).

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Video Production for South Bay Businesses Featuring the USBA

Marc Gold

Marc Gold

The meeting provided a great opportunity to gather footage for a pair of promotional videos for the USBA and The Parlor Shop.

I’ve become something of a regular at the USBA (Unified Small Business Alliance) the South Bay-based business networking club founded by Torrance realtor Aurelio Mattucci. Attracting between 40-70 business people to monthly meetings in Torrance, Lomita and Gardena, it’s becoming a good source of business contacts and has led to some video production jobs for me with some of the members.

This recent meeting at The Parlor Shop, seen in the video below,  provided footage for a pair of promotional videos that will be shown at the July meeting of the USBA.


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The Power of Video Testimonials

When Lisa & Doug Rodriguez hired me to be their wedding videographer 20 years ago, I had no idea this would happen.

Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video

Marc Gold

What a wonderful, gracious couple! I taped their wedding 20 years ago and didn’t see Lisa again until a coincidental encounter at a local networking club. She recognized my name as I was introduced…Long story short, twenty years later we began another project together – a life history memorial video for her recently deceased grandfather, Wayne… an interesting circle of events, to be sure. Lisa was thrilled because I had taped Wayne at her wedding reception and now we could use those clips in his memorial video.

I asked if Lisa and Doug would do a video testimonial for me and they graciously consented. The video below is the edit that I produced of their testimonial about working with me as their videographer.

I record testimonials not only for my own company, but for all businesspeople who understand their power on websites and social media. There is nothing as persuasive as a testimonial from a happy client to build credibility and help other people appreciate the value of one’s work. Thank you so very much, Lisa and Doug! I’m grateful for your generosity.

In the couple’s own words:

“Joyful tears is what was created by the video montage Marc Gold produced for the Celebration of Life – honoring my 95 year old grandfather’s recent passing. Marc had filmed  my wedding  20 years ago and had captured the essence of my family and friends that we have come to cherish more with each passing year.

As fate would have it, our paths randomly reconnected at a local community event and when I shared my idea of telling my grandfather’s story on video …he was the natural choice.  Because Marc had interviewed my grandfather at my wedding 20 year prior,  I was able to incorporate that interview into the memorial video. It’s a priceless treasure that will be shared for many generations.  Marc is insightful and very skilled not only with the camera, but with the editing as well. He listens, and he cares very deeply for his clients.

The best decision we made was to hire Marc with all the craziness going on in planning our wedding or any event for that matter.  Doug and I wholeheartedly recommend Marc Gold and 24KT Sound & Video.  You’ll be moved and amazed with the results, just like we are.”

Lisa Rodriguez

Contact me to record a testimonial for your own company website and social media. It will speak LOUDER than the words on your website ever will.

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