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If you own a business you’ve got options here at 24KT Video on the production end as well as in post. We continuously reinvest in new software to perfect the finished product and new hardware that expands our clients’ creative options to film their products, services and business events in quite extraordinary ways. To that end we added a new camera that allows us to film our client’s videos “on the move”, walking, driving, riding, running…over the roughest terrain, even up stairs, with steadicam-like smoothness. Stealthy, inconspicuous, versatile are all good words for our newest camera, affectionately named (by us) “OSMO”.

Accessorized to the max with a pro shotgun mic for pristine audio pickup even at a distance, a boompole, LED lamp, suction cup mount for car windows, roofs, side panels and hoods, a mini tripod for stable placement on tabletops in trade show booths and conference tables, on floors, storefront windows or handheld. But it’s OSMO’S triple axis, synchronized, motor-driven gimbles that provide a silky smooth, stable shot regardless of the terrain that make it perhaps our most valuable tool.

OSMO opens up incredibly creative filming possibilities for our clients’ events and commercials like never before. And if that weren’t enough, OSMO films in ultra high definition 4K video as well as 1080p and doesn’t need to be operated by a videographer standing behind the camera. OSMO is remote controlled with a phone or ipad app from up to 10 feet away. In sensitive locations like some churches where cameramen aren’t permitted in the best filming positions, OSMO can be placed out of sight and be controlled to perfection.

We gave OSMO a little workout on a recent road trip to the beach at Royal Palms. Handheld, tripod and window-mounted clips can be seen in the demo. My capable intern, Andrew B.Z. handled the controls. Enjoy!

24KT Video 2016 Corporate & Industrial Video Reel , Los Angeles

Hot 45 second compilation of corporate and industrial video clips in our 2016 business production reel.

Time is money and we respect both by meeting deadlines and staying on budget. Our productions are meticulously planned, produced and edited to your satisfaction with outstanding images, graphics, animations, audio and music as well as digital files for the web for any and all business-related applications. We speak Spanish and can expertly assist businesses in the Hispanic community.

SPECIALTY SERVICES: Teleprompter, Green Screen, Camera Crane and Slider, Tracks and Dolly for increased production value and visual interest.

Contact us for a courtesy consultation: 310 547-4702; email. Visit our corporate video gallery and client testimonials.

This video was built with a template purchased from Designed for After Effects, the template has 35 video placeholders where my own clips were plugged in, a fairly simple process with a little basic After Effects Knowledge.

Half-day and full-day rates. Quotes on Request. For higher production value please inquire about our teleprompter, green screen, tracks & dolly, camera crane.

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Commercial video production for business, social media and the web

by Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video. 310 547-4702.

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Torrance Marriott South Bay Open House – Video Highlights

Wanna see who attended the Torrance Marriott Open House?

videographer Marc Gold with camera

Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video

I’ve been a South Bay Videographer for three decades now, and still enjoy helping out my friends and fellow business people whenever I can. It’s not uncommon for me to help out a fellow vendor with whom I find myself working side by side at an event by recording a bit of their work while I’m there. Producing a little video demo for them is no trouble at all. If it creates some good will between us and brings us together again in the future, it’s time well spent.

The Torrance Marriott open house in September was a great chance to record and highlight not only the Marriott, our gracious host for this event, but the other vendors like myself who came to display their products and services. It was a great opportunity to do some one-on-one networking and create some good will among the local people I frequently find myself working with at weddings and other special events. Carla and Jennifer who manage events at the hotel, made the rounds helping everyone feel at home, myself included, and so I created this two minute video highlight for them and the other vendors in attendance to refer to and use as they might wish to help them with their own respective businesses. Enjoy the video!

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Los Angeles Videographer Pays Back Favors In Big Way

videographer Marc Gold with camera

Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video

Sometimes saying thanks is just not enough.

As a small business owner, when someone goes the extra mile to help me with my video production company, as in giving me a high value referral that results in a booking, I see it as a golden opportunity to reciprocate and strengthen a relationship. In my case, as a professional videographer who values referrals, I’m in the perfect position to make them a video that they can use for their own marketing. The only criterion is working the same event together so I have a chance to record what they’re doing. With the popularity of videos on websites and in the social media, and the exposure they can create, a marketing video is something that can be used to generate income. It may be as simple as shooting and editing a little extra footage of their work on display at the event that they referred me to. Here are a few of the thank you videos I’ve made for people who have helped me.

Shooting a little extra footage of Redondo Beach caterers, Critics Choice, while setting up for a gala 75th birthday reception at the Norris Pavilion in Palos Verdes is is what I’m talking about.

In addition to appearing in this blog, it’s also seen in the wedding and special events video gallery on my website, on, and, where it’s fully optimized for maximum exposure and happily ‘going social’.

My DJ friend, John “Jazzy” Jackson has sent me many video clients over the years. Here’s a great demo of  DJ Jazzy performing at Noah’s extraordinary bar mitzvah reception in Orange County, happily given to Jazzy for all his help and steadfast friendship.

Ron and Anouka of West Coast Catering in Torrance, CA. have sent me several beautiful weddings at both their Torrance Woman’s Club facility as well as their San Pedro Harbor Lodge. I made this “thank you” video for them which they use very successfully as a corporate marketing video. That beautiful wedding gazebo, by the way, is by my friend Demetra Cunningham of SBD Events.

My dear friend, Addie, at the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach recently sent us this event, a celebration of life for a local family who lost a loved one, although this highlight doesn’t focus on that aspect of the event, but rather on the services of the CK Factory.


With our Southern California studio in the city of San Pedro, our video productions bring us frequently to the surrounding South Bay Cities for corporate and special event videography:

Carson, CA corporate video for The Letterhead Factory

Torrance, CA instructional video for the Phenomenex Corporation and a corporate identity video for Southbay LeTip networking association

Redondo Beach, CA theater production video for Encore Entertainers, “Shrek the Musical”, “Oliver”, and “Hairspray”

Palos Verdes, CA Wayfarers Chapel wedding and baptism videography

Palos Verdes, CA dance production video for Peninsula School of Performing Arts, ballet and dance recitals

Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, CA Chamber of Commerce corporate event, Spring Mixer

Marina del Rey, CA for Lisa’s 40th birthday bash on board the Fantasea II yacht


Watch these videos and more in our corporate video gallery and our wedding and special event video gallery





Mom Gets Ill at Wedding – Day Saved by Alert Wedding Videographer

videographer Marc Gold with camera

Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video

Veteran Los Angeles Wedding Videographer Recounts Wedding Day Nightmares.

Months before her wedding, when bride, Lisa, decided that she didn’t want an established, professional videographer to record the event, her mother, Alexandra, had a feeling that she was making a mistake and begged her daughter to hire one. Cut to the wedding day…At the wedding reception, mom, sick with a cold and three days into her antibiotics and cough medicine, disappeared without telling anyone and missed the bouquet and garter tosses as well as the cake cutting.  She was understandably distraught over having missed so much of her daughter’s reception, that is, right up until the minute she was able to watch everything on the wedding video made by the professional videographer her daughter thought she didn’t need. Fortunately for mom, her daughter had taken her advice before the wedding.

The subject of wedding videography came up during my physical therapy session this week and my therapist told me that at her own wedding a cousin with little or no videography experience volunteered to record the event for her. At the precise moment the bride’s two cute little nieces were walking down the aisle, the amateur videographer was mesmerized by the guitar player’s fingers strumming the guitar, and that was the shot he recorded. I think you can guess the rest of the story. Too bad. He lost one of the most video-worthy moments of the day!

Close up of bride and groom on wedding day

Jaime and Darrin. Image from video.

I think the saddest story I’ve heard in 35 years as a full time wedding videographer is from another bride and groom who decided not to have anyone record their wedding. (A money issue, most likely). A short time after the wedding the bride’s brother was killed in an car accident. There was no video of him at the wedding for the bride to remember him by. Her loss (and regrets) were profound. Too late. There are no re-do’s, and unless you’re able to see into the future, you just won’t know what’s going to happen. A wise decision needs to be made from the start. The hard, cold fact is that you can’t go back in time to do it again once the wedding is over.

Amateur mistake causes irreplaceable memorial footage to be lost: A friend of mine told me that he had recently attended the memorial service of a close relative which was video taped as a favor by another family member who had come from out of town for the service. The amateur videographer diligently recorded all the testimonials and the prayers, as well as the guests reunited to witness the final farewell. The video, intended to be a lifelong rememberance, was accidently left in the relative’s rental car along with the camera and never recovered. End of story…and of the video.

To avoid being added to my list of wedding nightmares, here are a couple of insightful suggestions from my website article, “Finding The Right Videographer…Busting The Myths:”

Annette and Patrick. Image from video.

Annette and Patrick. Image from video.

“What you deny yourself today you won’t have when you want it tomorrow.” The people who don’t have a video made of a once-in-a-lifetime event, are the same ones who most regret not having the foresight to make one. You only have one opportunity to record your wedding day. Don’t be “Penny Wise and Pound Foolish”. Remember: “No Re-Do’s”

A Thought to Ponder: Get out of the moment and think ahead. There are few things more enjoyable than to look back 10 or 20 years to see how everyone looked back then. Remember, your video is not only for you and it’s not only for now. Consider it your magical connection to the past…forever.”

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Check out this short wedding ceremony highlight to see a sample of our work:




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