Uncensored and Off The Hook Wedding Video Testimonial – Cherrie & Derrick

This Couple is wonderfully uninhibited and hilariously out of control in this easy-to watch video highlight!

Incredible reflections on Cherrie & Derrick’s recent wedding video in the couple’s own words and inimitable style. Cherrie & Derrick look back and laugh with Los Angeles wedding videographer, Marc Gold, on their recent wedding video. Unbelievably funny. Derrick is calm, quiet, composed. Cherrie is unchained and says it exactly as she sees it. You’re going to love this couple as much as I do. Guaranteed. I taped the couple at their home in Carson, Ca and spent one of the most enjoyable evenings of my life recording their thoughts and wedding day memories. Enjoy!

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Hot New 20 Second Commercial for Giggles Photo Booth

Short and Sweet, this baby really packs a punch!

FUN FUN FUN! This tantalizing little video on the Giggles Photo Booth website just begs the viewer to look further into Judi’s business, and that’s exactly what it was made to do. That’s the great thing about a video on your website…lots of information in a very short timeframe, visually impressive and very memorable.

Made from just a few photos and some of the footage I recorded of Judi’s photo booth at the Torrance Marriott open house a while back. Judi’s thrilled with her new home page video. Hope it brings her lots of new business!

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Mild to WILD in 30 Seconds – RED HOT Highlights from Lyndsay & Josh’s Wedding Video

Over-The-Top, Off the Charts video highlight from Lyndsay & Josh’s wedding reception:

From the first minute I started recording their wedding reception I knew this video highlight would be in the works. Couldn’t wait to get it posted! Lyndsay and Josh’s off-the-wall guests and the DJ’s hot music made for some very exciting footage. Here’s a tight little edit cut for blazing high energy. Video and music cuts are razor sharp. Enjoy! And thanks once again to the fabulous couple for allowing me to post this clip, and for their generous testimonial which appears in the previous blog post.

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Thank You! – So Nice To Be Appreciated

Thanks, Josh and Lyndsay, for your thoughtful recommendation!

videographer Marc Gold with camera

Videographer, Marc Gold, of 24KT

There’s nothing quite like the group of over-the-top guests at Lyndsay and Josh’s wedding reception to make a truly sensational video. Their reception followed a beautiful ceremony at Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes, CA, and rocked the Manhattan Beach Marriott ballroom for 5 solid hours! We recorded their event with two cameras, one providing an elevated view of the dance floor and some great b-roll footage to intercut with the close-up camera.

Up above are their video taped impressions of their experience with me as their videographer. Many thanks to this remarkable couple for their enthusiastic referral. Down below are some stills taken from their video.

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