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Enjoy below the medley of images shot on set during a recent corporate video production recorded at GenEquity Mortgage in Torrance, CA. Our very talented crew included on-camera host, Kevin Paul, a long time friend and gifted actor. Kevin has appeared in a number of my commercials through the years. His warm and enthusiastic delivery doesn’t disappoint. Talented writer/director, Brad Nixon, owner of Zennetics moved the production along efficiently. We had Laura Weintraub on makeup and wardrobe, Cameron Tucker on lighting and set design; myself behind the camera, my P.A., Andrew Botz-Zapp on teleprompter and P.A., Carlos Flores.

The owners of GenEquity, Richard and RaeChelle, had little on-camera experience and, initially, it was difficult for them. Ahead of the production we worked on their delivery in my studio while reading from the prompter. The on-set lighting was meticulously designed for each of the three sets we filmed on. As the performances progressed, Brad and I coached and directed, bringing out the best in each actor. Relieved of the stress of having to memorize their lines, the actors performed like pros. Richard and RaeChelle brought in a catered lunch from Lisa’s Bon Appetite. Thank you. It was delicious! All in all, the production was very enjoyable.

I have the highest praise for RaeChelle and Richard. This video was extremely important to them and a lot of future business would depend on it. Fortunately, they had the foresight to invest accordingly to produce exactly what they envisioned. After two weeks in post, the production was completed and happily received by my clients. Once approval is given, we’ll post the video.

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Corporate Video Testimonials that look Sharp as a Tack!

The first thing I’ll tell a client who’s contemplating a corporate video testimonial or talking head shot is NEVER put a homemade video on a company website where the company image is important. That video becomes the weakest link on the website and the part by which the company is judged. Professional video testimonials implies, or should imply that time is going to be spent on professional lighting and audio. In our case I also provide a hand-tailored black, pleated drape to create an elegant backdrop. Quality must be consistent with the quality of the brand the company is portraying. Here are a selection of corporate testimonials from a recent conference held in Palos Verdes at Terranea. Enjoy! and see exactly how well this kind of video can be executed.


Over-The-Top Persian Birthday Party Video

Wow! A whole evening of Persian music and dancing to record! I’m in video heaven! Nima’s 30th birthday at Q-Sushi Restaurant in Westlake Village was amazing. My kind of party…wild and  borderline out of control. Such beautiful people to spend an evening with and be able to record the event at the same time. Thanks to my LeTip friend Allen Rubin for the referral that made this video production possible. Here’s the 2.5 minute highlight. Enjoy! (The client has the 65 minute version).


L.A. Wedding Videography – Don’t Skip This Step!

Here’s the Step: Get on the good side of the church wedding coordinator from the get go! She has power over life and death in her venue and she will shut you down if you break a rule.

Every church that does weddings is going to have a set of rules for videographers that spell out what’s permitted and what’s not. Church regulations can be very restrictive, and in conflict with what the videographer would like to do to get the best results for the bride and groom. The trick is to find out ahead of time what the rules are, and where the wedding coordinator will allow them to bend. Don’t be afraid to ask. She’ll appreciate knowing that you’re not some kind of renegade videographer that’s going to disrupt the service.

I arrived at Delmy and Bernard’s ceremony early, introduced myself to the coordinator, let her know that it was my first time recording an event at St. Andrews and that I would appreciate knowing where I could record from and set mics. (Better to know up front than to make a mistake and get shut down seconds before the bride walks down the aisle). She took time to answer my questions and, in the process, showed me a place that made an excellent 2nd camera position. She went into some detail about what the obstacles might be working from that location and I planned for them. The results were no less than amazing. Here’s a short highlight from the ceremony. Enjoy!

Reflections – A Beautiful Breath of Fresh Air

Sometimes it’s rewarding to go out to a favorite place with a good video camera and film something for the personal challenge of seeing just how well a shot can be composed, how sharp the image, how controlled the movement, how creative the technique, playing with light and shadows and depth of field to create something even more beautiful than reality itself. After two well-spent hours of peace and quiet at Averill Park in San Pedro not far from where I live and work I put together this 2.5 minute meditative clip. I love it for it’s simplicity. I hope you find it as beautiful as I do. Enjoy!

Filmed with the Zenmuse X5 and my Osmo Pro at Averill Park in San Pedro where I live and work.

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L.A. Professional Video Production – Unusual Specialty Shots

So Cool!! That’s me and my dog, Bayley, kickin’ back on the front porch filming some spectacular footage with my Zenmuse X5. And did I mention the incredible shallow depth of field? Special camera for some very special shots, the X5 films remotely with a phone app. Fits in tiny places and doesn’t need a videographer standing with it. Enjoy this relaxing 4 minute medley of quiet, calming scemes. More at

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Palos Verdes Video Production – St John Fisher Rehearsal Highlight

Absolutely stunning, incredibly sharp video highlight seen below of Joe and Katy’s wedding rehearsal at St John Fisher, Palos Verdes, CA. filmed in 4k with the amazing Zenmuse X5 camera. The quality of this 2 min. video speaks for itself.

The X5 is tiny and very portable. The different angles seen in this highlight were obtained by moving the camera (it lifts up literally with one finger) from location to location during the rehearsal. The Camera, which is configured on a mini tripod with a 3′ riser sits on the floor and is so inconspicuous that it is hardly noticeable. The camera operator sits nearby in the pews and operates every function of the X5 with a cellphone app. Truly amazing technology. The picture quality is to die for! For the camera buffs the settings were: ISO 400; shutter 1/60; aperature 5.6. The lighting conditions were challenging, dark in the pew areas, bright on the altar. After camera calaibration I filmed mostly manual focus at infinity with periodic auto focus adjustments. Enjoy the clip!


Professional Video Production – Maxing-Out the Options

If you own a business you’ve got options here at 24KT Video on the production end as well as in post. We continuously reinvest in new software to perfect the finished product and new hardware that expands our clients’ creative options to film their products, services and business events in quite extraordinary ways. To that end we added a new camera that allows us to film our client’s videos “on the move”, walking, driving, riding, running…over the roughest terrain, even up stairs, with steadicam-like smoothness. Stealthy, inconspicuous, versatile are all good words for our newest camera, affectionately named (by us) “OSMO”.

Accessorized to the max with a pro shotgun mic for pristine audio pickup even at a distance, a boompole, LED lamp, suction cup mount for car windows, roofs, side panels and hoods, a mini tripod for stable placement on tabletops in trade show booths and conference tables, on floors, storefront windows or handheld. But it’s OSMO’S triple axis, synchronized, motor-driven gimbles that provide a silky smooth, stable shot regardless of the terrain that make it perhaps our most valuable tool.

OSMO opens up incredibly creative filming possibilities for our clients’ events and commercials like never before. And if that weren’t enough, OSMO films in ultra high definition 4K video as well as 1080p and doesn’t need to be operated by a videographer standing behind the camera. OSMO is remote controlled with a phone or ipad app from up to 10 feet away. In sensitive locations like some churches where cameramen aren’t permitted in the best filming positions, OSMO can be placed out of sight and be controlled to perfection.

We gave OSMO a little workout on a recent road trip to the beach at Royal Palms. Handheld, tripod and window-mounted clips can be seen in the demo. My capable intern, Andrew B.Z. handled the controls. Enjoy!

Damaged Video – Working Miracles in Post Production

Occasionally I edit for other video production companies where the work requires a lot of fixing due to a number of problems. When I accept a job like this it becomes my responsibility to make the video look as natural as possible. This is done by applying one or more filters from the editing software to the unfortunate clip. The latest version of Vegas software, Vegas Pro 14 by Magix, makes this a relatively simple process. I’ve created and saved as Pre-Sets a number of chains of filters that address multiple problems with a single click. Below is a still taken from video showing the defective image and the same image after a filter chain has been applied. The original clip is over exposed, over saturated, grainy, and softly focussed. It’s pretty amazing what can be done with the right program and a bit of experience. (Other software used: NewBlue Color Fast and Neat Video).


Original Image


Repaired Image

Below is an image which needed enhancement from a production of my own.

Before Correction

Before Correction

After Correction

After Correction

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L.A. Video Production – Creating Stunning Interviews, Talking Heads and Testimonials

Don’t risk bringing down your video production with amateur-looking interviews! With a little bit of ‘professional’ attention to the details, interviews and testimonials can look stunning. The trick is to create an appropriate set for the shoot and light it properly. When Western International Securities hired 24KT to film company testimonials for their website and social media during their week-long conference at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, we brought in our own pipe and drape backdrop with custom made black, pleated drapes. We used two 1000 watt LED lights for key and fill on dimmers for optimal control as well as a c-stand mounted hair and shoulder light to provide some separation from the dark background. Take a look at these beautiful still images of the WIS speakers and see what I mean about creating sharp, beautifully sculpted talking heads.

image6 image7 image8 image9 image10 image4 image3 WIS Talking Head


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