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Encore South Bay, one of the theater production companies that I film for during the year, needed a highlight reel for their upcoming performances of “Mary Poppins” and “Seusical the Musical” coming respectively to the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center and Warner Grand in San Pedro this January. Following explicit editing instructions from Encore Owners Summer and Marcelo Cacciagioni, former wedding video clients of mine, I edited this promo destined to be shown in movie theaters around the South Bay before the shows in January. Enjoy!


Video Production – Creating Picture-Perfect Images

video color correction

With Color Correction Filters Applied

Raw, Uncorrected Image


Video footage is not always picture perfect right out of the gate. In this production, the blue stage lighting and my camera just didn’t play well together. However, with some discrete filtering in post the problem was corrected so that very natural-looking images were obtained. New Blue Saturation Modifier and Color Fast were used to normalize the color. I don’t think the parents of the child actors would’ve appreciated the blue blotchy color of the raw footage. This production of “ELF” was staged by Encore South Bay, Torrance, CA and is one of many annual productions I record for them. Upcoming productions  include “Mary Poppins” at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in January and “Seusical The Musical” at the San Pedro Warner Grand, also in January. 24KT films about 20 plays a year for Encore.

Creating Picture Perfect Photo Montages

Dove’s 100th birthday party featured an animated photo montage that I made from a stack of photos given to me by her family. Very few of the pictures arrived in picture perfect condition. Look at the before and after photos below to get a feel for how nicely a damaged photo can be ‘fixed’ so that it looks much better than the original. The repair was made in Photoshop in about 10 minutes. There were over 100 photos in this project, some of them with multiple problems including hue and exposure issues, red eye, torn edges, scratches and more. After each one of them was retouched the photos were subtly animated. Music and titles were added to create a video that’s sure to become a valuable family heirloom. A bit of the finished montage is shown below including our ‘signature’ montage finale.

blemished photo


enhanced photo




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Encore South Bay presents: “Mary Poppins” Coming this January 6-10, 2018

Beginning our 4th year of filming for Encore South Bay with everyone’s favorite musical, “Mary Poppins”. Enjoy this 1 minute promo with scenes from last year’s show.

Video production for shows and performances in Los Angeles and beyond: 24KT Sound & Video

24KT Goes Drone! Aerial Videography and Photography

Welcome to our brand new, talented drone pilot, Jordan, for the debut of 24KT’s aerial photography and videography service. Jordan is an FAA licensed pilot, born and raised in the South Bay, and very familiar with the area. We’re fully capable of providing up to 4K resolution for any aerial videography or photography needs including weddings and other special events, real estate, shows & fairs, sporting events and commercial productions. 24KT drone service includes on-site inspection prior to filming to check for airspace restrictions/obstacles as well as advisement in the event local permits are needed. Here’s a very short demo of some local aerial footage.


South Bay Country’s Farewell Concert – Video Highlight

Country western singer, Mike Grady, in South Bay Country’s final performance at this year’s Harvest Festival at Green Hills. This was a foot-stompin’, highly attended success and a huge treat for all country music aficionados. I had the distinct pleasure of filming the band’s farewell concert knowing, as I did, that this show would always be an important part of Mike’s life. Now he has a video to look back on. Here’s a 5 minute highlight of the concert. Enjoy!

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Bob’s 80th Birthday Video Highlight at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, San Pedro

Beautiful visuals in this outdoor 80th Birthday Celebration for Bob Bacinski on the patio of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Just me and my camera this time, working solo for the first time in a while without my P.A. but enjoying the experience and the freedom to move about the venue without restriction. Great lighting, great people! Bob wanted me to document the pre-reception set-up since it was all done by family and friends, and that’s how the highlight begins. Many of the guests responded with an on-camera birthday memory. Bob enjoyed taking me around to his guests so they could reminisce on camera. The highlight was made for the family as a part of their video package so it’s a bit longer than my other posts. Enjoy!

A note from our client:
I just had a chance to watch the highlight video and it is wonderful! I loved it so much! I appreciate that you captured so many special moments including the prep and set up, the atmosphere of the night, the wonderful interviews and moments of my dad’s speech.
You are the best!

Eldiza and Lewis’ Shipboard Wedding and Reception Aboard the Queen Mary, Long Beach

Beautiful visuals adorn this still-image wedding video highlight of Eldiza and Lewis’ renewal of vows and reception aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Flamenco and Mexican folkloric dance filled the evening with colorful Latin flavor showcasing Eldiza and friends in a spectacular performance that was enthusiastically welcomed by guests. Enjoy!

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L.A. Videographer for Live Shows and Performances

Two mind-boggling minutes of flashing machetes, twirling dresses, snappy footwork and live music in “Tardeada Mexicana” presented by Nuestras Raices Mexican Folkloric Ballet at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, El Camino College and Rio Hondo College. This is our third year filming this event, three shows this year and three cameras, one of them on stage with a crane for some dramatic low and high angle shots. The interplay of cameras makes for some exciting editing. I handled both the closeup camera and stationary camera placed side by side so that I could keep an eye on both during the show. Enjoy the clip!

Filmed with three cameras by 24KT Sound & Video of San Pedro, CA.  310 547-4702; email

Video Production for Non-Profits in Los Angeles

This upbeat video tells the story of the kids and dedicated staff of the non-profit, Ability First, in Pasadena, CA. It’s one of several videos that I’ve produced for this group over the past two years. In this one the kids are rehearsing with their teachers for their upcoming pageant, an annual fund-raising event. Nothing holds these kids back despite the physical and educational challenges that impact their lives. Comments by staff tell a story of selfless dedication and affection for the kids they work with. Judicious editing, attention to detail and my love of storytelling make this 2.5 min video highlight a must see. This was filmed with a single camera and dolly. Enjoy the clip!

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