Los Angeles Videographer gets Heroic Customer Service

I knew I needed it, but there was slim to no chance of getting quick customer service when I walked in without an appointment to Sony’s professional video camera service center, camera in hand. Typical wait time is 2 weeks. Minimum fee just to take a look at a camera, several hundred dollars. I needed to walk out of that place with my camera fixed that same day. I had several special events to record in the not-too-distant future. This was going to be a challenge!

Luis was the man at the counter, the “gate-keeper”, with the power to route the incoming video equipment to the short list or the wait forever list. I needed a strategy. Instead of becoming the angry, ugly, disgruntled customer, I acknowledged Luis’ authority to help me with my dilemma: “You’re in an enviable position, Luis, to help people like me resolve their problems.” I made sure to let him know that I was a dedicated Sony customer, and a very busy Los Angeles videographer with an emergency that only he could help me with. At that moment Luis was my ‘doctor’ and I needed him to feel my pain.

Long story short, Luis called the lead technician who patiently listened to my story and took the camera to the diagnostic area. So far, so good. He would need about an hour, so I went to lunch wondering what the result was going to be.

On returning, I was given my camera. I was told that it had been adjusted and I thanked everyone sincerely. No Charge! One hour turnaround! My lucky day!

The camera has performed flawlessly ever since. I was a very happy videographer. (I never asked, but I believe there is a chance that they did a courtesy lens replacement while I was out to lunch).

Moral of the story: “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar”. No truer words were ever spoken!

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