“Is Your Website Content Connecting With Your Audience–Take This Self Assessment for Effective Web Content”

Is Your Website Content Connecting With Your Audience–Take This Self Assessment for Effective Web Content”

You’ve worked hard on the content of your business website and hope that it’s going to attract people to your site, help them find whatever they’re looking for and ultimately encourage them to become happy customers. All the appropriate motivators are in place: “learn more” “click here” “contact us” “buy now” to keep visitors on track. You’ve even done some search engine optimization, and still the results aren’t what you hoped for. Your bounce rate is high and visitors are leaving before they’ve finished reading what you’ve written. You soon realize that just because your site exists and is being seen by lots of people, there’s a disconnect with your visitors. It could be the nature of your website content.

Content needs to speak to your visitor’s “purchasing comfort zone”, that hard-to-define emotional state of mind where a visitor feels comfortable in doing business with you. It’s about creating content that’s able to build rapport and overcome the anxiety and skepticism that visitors often bring with them when they come to a website they’re not familiar with. Unless yours is already a trusted name brand, your visitors may not know you well enough to want to invest any time or money with you. You have to help them over that psychological hurdle by creating an emotional connection with them, exactly as you would if they entered your place of business in person, and all the text in the world isn’t likely to do that. It’s too emotionally neutral relative to other types of content such as video.

To see how well your website is reaching your visitors’ purchasing comfort zone, take this self assessment:

Website Content Self-Assesment:

1)  Does your website give visitors a chance to visualize themselves using and benefitting from what you offer?

2)  Have you addressed the customer’s inherent skepticism and anxiety about buying something they may not have prior experience with from a company they’ve never done business with?

3)  What do you have on your website to build credibility and trust?

4)  How have you personalized your site with a face and a voice that people can relate to?

5)  Are you requiring people to read too much text to find what they’re looking for?

6)  Are you doing everything possible to engage and keep visitors’ attention to prevent them from leaving your site and moving on to one of your competitors?

Despite the fact that ours is a generation that is very comfortable watching a video to get information, there are many websites that still rely on text alone, or text and a few photos, hoping (and possibly failing) to get their messages across even as the evidence points to the fact that many people don’t read a lot of written content. Look into the practicality of a video about your business for your website and move ahead in strengthening your visitors’ experience and your own profitability.

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Annette and Patrick’s Wedding Video at Wayfarers Chapel

Marc Gold with video cameraOne of the very best things about HD wedding video production is that it’s sharp enough to create impressive still images from anywhere in the footage that was recorded. Here are 10 favorite images from Patrick and Annette’s recent wedding which began at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California where the couple prepared for their ceremony. The time at Terranea was filled with some awsome Armenian wedding traditions and music that rocked the room and made for some excellent video.

The ceremony took place at one of my favorite venues, Wayfarers Chapel, tucked away on the Palos Verdes peninsula amid towering redwoods and pines with a breathtaking view of the Ocean.

Their reception was at popular Trump National Golf Club, again filled with colorful Armenian traditions and dancing. Here are some stills created from the video I recorded of their event. Professional photography was done by my long time friend, Joey Ikemoto of Joey Ikemoto Photography, Torrance CA.


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Top Tips for Website Video Production

Website video production in Los Angeles needs the same level of strategic planning & techniques as any other broadcast video. You cannot expect better brand awareness, action and improved sales by simply throwing random stuff into your website video. The quality of the production should be consistent with the image you’ve created for your brand. Shoddy or home-made video can give the impression of a company not well invested in its own reputation. Keep it professional on all levels if you expect to be judged as professional in your market.

A professional video production company can create a corporate video that gains instant, if not viral popularity in the social media benefitting your company with wider reach in your market than you may have anticipated. However, while creating a viral video is an exhilarating concept, it should not be the primary goal for your corporate video. Your video should provide information of interest about your company for your target market with the intention of attracting more visitors to your website, keeping them there longer, encouraging them to become customers and raising your bottom line. Here are the top things to start with:

Set a Goal

Unlike wedding and special event videography, you need to set a goal that you expect your video to achieve. All the content of the video should be moving your website visitors in the direction of that goal. If you have multiple goals or target audiences for your website video, creative production companies in Los Angeles can create different versions of your video to promote each idea and goal independently.

Include Call to Action

You should decide what you want your viewers to do once they watch your video. The call to action could be something like signing up, sharing the video, buying a product, downloading a document or white paper, responding to a request or simply clicking on a link. Plan your call to action with sales in mind and convey it to your corporate video production company.

Be Creative, And Selective

Wedding and special event videography and corporate videography are two distinctly different types of video that require different skill sets and equipment. The former being family-oriented events that are distinctly emotional in nature, while video production for business is information oriented. Select a company with a documented history of producing videos for business and carefully browse their website video galleries to evaluate samples of recent work. Notice the variety of styles and level of creativity. There are many formats of corporate video available including traditional talking heads, animated ‘explainer’ videos and high energy videos that tout new products and services. Offer viewers some value, something unique and creative so they will truly enjoy the video and will derive great benefit.

Pay the Price for High Quality Production

Video production costs generally depend on how creative your concept is, the amount of editing, casting, direction and the talent used. It is best to pay a little bit more for a high quality production than to cut corners and skimp on quality. Keep in mind that your video represents your brand. A high quality video will prove to be a value as the years pass.

Plan Distribution

For optimum results of your website video, plan its distribution strategically using social media and other influential online locations. Also plan in advance to optimize the video for the search engines and SEO and comment handling.

You can use analytics and feedback to learn what is working best for you. Plan the video and have fun!

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Red Flags to Watch Out For When Selecting a Wedding Videography Professional

Selecting a videography professional to shoot your wedding video is an important decision once you decide to get married. A wedding is a special moment; it should be treated as such with the best wedding videography in Los Angeles.

When you search among many video production companies, it’s important to note that wedding videography is entirely different from other types of video such as corporate video production; it demands telling a story in a unique way.

When you don’t have much experience selecting the right video production company to record your wedding video, a little research could help you select the best one in the market. You must verify with your own eyes that the production work is up to your standards. You simply cannot rely on a video production company in Los Angeles or anywhere, for that matter, to objectively tell you the things you need to know as it is in their best business interest to convince you of all the things they can offer. Convince yourself by looking at the company’s video gallery demos.

Here are some of the red flags you must watch out for when selecting a wedding video production company:

Lighting Check

A good wedding videographer should not rely exclusively on natural lighting. This may suggest that they aren’t using the best equipment to shoot properly exposed shots in the less well illuminated areas of your venue. While some areas may be well lit for perfect shots, it’s equally important to have properly exposed video in the darker corners where your family members and guests usually mingle. Proper lighting ensures vibrant color and sharper detail in the finished video.

Sound Check

Expert wedding videographers not only record captivating images, but also clear, clean sound. Not being able to hear the vows or toasts doesn’t make for a very enjoyable video, and lacks professionalism. Make sure your videographer has a variety of options for recording pristine audio including wireless options

Videographer Check

The person you interview at the studio may or may not be the videographer who will actually shoot your wedding video. Make sure you also speak with the videographer recording your video to ensure the best video services for the bride & groom.

Watching for these important red flags is the best way to avoid unexpected surprises and disappointing wedding video productions.

Helping out my BF DJ Jazzy Jackson. Check out this video.

I’ve been helping my friend DJ Jazzy Jackson get to and from some of his gigs and made this video demo for him for his website. Check it out: https://vimeo.com/90977112

Comments Welcome!

Jazzy and I have been best friends forever, fishing buddies and we work together often at the same gigs, Jazzy as a DJ/master of ceremonies and me as a videographer mostly in gigs around the south bay area of Los Angeles. Whenever we pair up at a gig I try to make a video demo for him to help him out.

The Perils (and Rewards) of Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service and the Perils of Being a Wedding Videographer

Sometimes providing good customer service is a hard road to walk and you have to stop and ask yourself the question, “When is enough, enough?” You want to please. You try hard to please, but what do you do when that’s just not in the cards? You’ve got clients that can’t be pleased. Finding a good solution that makes everyone happy can be an arduous, challenging problem.

This all began shortly after completing a very successful wedding video for a couple in my area with venues at Wayfarers Chapel and Trump Golf Club. I sensed from our initial pre-wedding conversations that this couple was very detail-minded so I set up a courtesy visit in the studio to go over the edited video on the computer with them just in case they had any changes they wanted to make before burning their Blu-Ray Disc. After about five hours of working together and thoroughly enjoying their non-stop stream of laughter and commentary as we watched their video for the first time, I said to myself, “This is good! They’re amazed!” My joy turned out to be short-lived, however.

I came to learn after they had their video for a couple of days that they felt there wasn’t enough footage of the bride’s mother in the final edit, so I searched the raw footage for any clips I might have bypassed and agreed to include them. There were a few scenes that were excluded because the mom wasn’t presenting well on camera for one reason or another, and I wanted to include only the clips of her looking her best.

Because the bride was particularly close to her mother she wanted all the clips of her included, regardless, and I was happy to accommodate her request, so a new edit was created, and a new Blu-Ray Disc burned. No charge. Done? Happy clients? Not yet.

To my surprise, a short while later another request came from the couple to eliminate parts of the best man’s toast. Why hadn’t this come up in the initial review of the video? Because someone at the bride’s place of work made it an issue. I sat with the couple for another couple of hours creating an edit that they liked and encoded and burned another blue ray disc for them, not charging them for any additional time or materials. I had hoped that the video was done at this point, but no such luck.

Another request came in a little while later to revise some of the previous revisions (yes, you read that correctly) at which point I expressed to the couple, not with any displeasure, mind you, my disappointment at not being able to find a way to please them, explaining that every time I made an adjustment something else seemed to come up. Well, I worked with the groom on yet a forth round of revisions to try to put a happy ending on this story, all the while feeling discouraged that my previous efforts didn’t meet with greater success, and through it all I was still bound and determined to make this work and turn my couple into happy customers. It had now become something of an obsession to please them.

Some considerable time passed and I wasn’t expecting to hear from the couple ever again when I was surprised by an email from them indicating that the review they had originally promised me was sent to http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=24kt+sound+%26+video&find_loc=Inglewood%2C+CA&ns=1 and a couple of other review sites. Oh boy! Now I was really in trouble! This sounded like it was going to be a very bad day. I knew that it would take about ten good reviews to undo the damage caused by just one bad one. It wasn’t fair.

Well, the review is on yelp, one of the longest reviews I’ve seen and all very positive. It took a lot of time and effort to get to that point, but all’s well that ends well. Just another day in the life of a wedding videographer.

Please comment and share similar stories of your own. Do you ever write a client off and when do you decide enough is enough, if ever?


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