L.A. Videographer for Live Shows and Performances

Two mind-boggling minutes of flashing machetes, twirling dresses, snappy footwork and live music in “Tardeada Mexicana” presented by Nuestras Raices Mexican Folkloric Ballet at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, El Camino College and Rio Hondo College. This is our third year filming this event, three shows this year and three cameras, one of them on stage with a crane for some dramatic low and high angle shots. The interplay of cameras makes for some exciting editing. I handled both the closeup camera and stationary camera placed side by side so that I could keep an eye on both during the show. Enjoy the clip!

Filmed with three cameras by 24KT Sound & Video of San Pedro, CA. www.24ktsound.com  310 547-4702; email marc@24ktsound.com

Video Production for Non-Profits in Los Angeles

This upbeat video tells the story of the kids and dedicated staff of the non-profit, Ability First, in Pasadena, CA. It’s one of several videos that I’ve produced for this group over the past two years. In this one the kids are rehearsing with their teachers for their upcoming pageant, an annual fund-raising event. Nothing holds these kids back despite the physical and educational challenges that impact their lives. Comments by staff tell a story of selfless dedication and affection for the kids they work with. Judicious editing, attention to detail and my love of storytelling make this 2.5 min video highlight a must see. This was filmed with a single camera and dolly. Enjoy the clip!

Videography for Auditions and Talent Demos Los Angeles

John James’ mom, in from New York for a short visit, needed a talent demo for her son’s audition, and needed it in a hurry. Not a problem. Within a couple of hours of mom’s call I built a set in my San Pedro studio, set lights and we were ready to go. Mom was thrilled with the lighting that showed off her son’s red hair.  We rehearsed a bit to fine-tune the delivery and within a half hour wound up with a great take. John James did an outstanding, expressive, animated read that was exactly what mom wanted. I uploaded the video to vimeo.com, sent mom the link and, after some friendly conversation, said good-bye with sincere thanks for entrusting me with this production. I had mentioned to mom that the last audition I did for a young, aspiring actor resulted in a job almost immediately. Good luck, John James! Hope this works magic for you!

Wedding Video at the Neighborhood Church, Palos Verdes

So nice to be filming again at the Neighborhood Church in PV and South End Tennis Club in Torrance. Jon and Carla’s two-camera wedding ceremony and reception video are highlighted below in a very short, stylized clip showing some of the most memorable events of the day. Jonathan’s phone call to me after watching the finished blue ray disc was beyond enthusiastic. He was particularly thrilled that I had taken time to record the setting at the reception as his photographer was not able to cover that because of time constraints. Enjoy the clip!

Wedding and Special Event Videography by 24KT Sound & Video, San Pedro, CA. 310 547-4702; email: marc@24ktsound.com

Encore’s “Annie” at the Warner Grand, filmed by South Bay Videographer, Marc Gold, of 24KT Sound & Video

So pleased to be the videographer for Encore South Bay for another series of shows this month. “Annie” runs from July 21st through July 30th and I’ll be recording three of the performances. This one’s truly one of my favorites…so upbeat and entertaining! Wonderful performances by the cast, and who can NOT sing along to “Tomorrow” and “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”? Love this show. Enjoy this short highlight of some of my favorite scenes.

Carla’s Extraordinary LAPD Retirement Party Cruise

Touching video highlight of Carla’s LAPD Retirement Celebration on board the Regent-Sea, Marina del Rey, CA after 32 years on the force. Non-stop fun, friends, joyful tears and fabulous memories! So much fun recording this event, and OH so much great exercise up and down the decks all night with the video equipment. We packed light expecting this, and very mobile, able to move around easily on a moment’s notice. I came prepared to give special attention to lighting and audio which can be challenging on a cruiseship. Some of the fun and emotion are captured in this 3 min. highlight. I’ve got another cruise on the same ship in a few weeks. Enjoy the clip below!

Contact Marc at 310 547-4702; email: marc@24ktsound.com



Video Production Live Shows – The Little Mermaid

Filmed by 24KT Sound & Video, this fabulously entertaining three minute video highlight from Encore South Bay’s “The Little Mermaid” at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center does not disappoint. The unique special effects and stellar solo and ensemble performances, rousing music and eye-dazzling costuming thrilled the audience from start to finish! It continues to be a thrill witnessing the growth and maturation of Encore thanks to Summer and Marcello, the creative entities behind the company. I’m enthusiastically looking forward to next week’s production of “Annie” at the Warner Grande in San Pedro.

Enjoy the highlight and make 24KT Sound & Video your choice for your next live show. Contact me at 310 547-4702; email marc@24ktsound.com


Bar Mitzvah Ceremony Video at the Chart House, Redondo Beach

In the hands of an amateur this video would have been an epic fail due to the flood of bright sunlight behind the ceremony. Having filmed in this location before, I knew exactly what the conditions would be and I shared this with Brooks’ parents ahead of time just to be sure there were no unreasonable expectations that could lead to disappointment. They wanted their guests to enjoy the spectacular oceanfront background and rejected my suggestions to set up a backdrop that would block the back light, and I found that completely understandable.  We all agreed up front that in order to get proper exposure of Brooks the background would appear solid white and that’s exactly how it turned out. I’m very content with the results. Brooks and his family look fabulous and this talented young man delivered a stellar performance. Way to go, Brooks! This was one of those situations where a little experience goes a long long way.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah videography by 24KT Sound & Video. Contact me at 310 547-4702; email: marc@24ktsound.com

Stripper Pleases Big Time at Lana’s 60th Birthday

Svelte and oh so sexy at Lana’s 30th birthday party 30 years ago, Zorro returns for an encore performance at Lana’s 60th in this 2 minute video highlight. Have a good laugh. This is totally incredible!

Filmed by Marc Gold, 24KT Sound & Video. Birthday and anniversary party videography. Contact me at 310 547-4702, email: marc@24ktsound.com

Live Performance Videography in Los Angeles – La Bayadere

Exquisitely entertaining highlight from the ballet La Bayadere presented at the Norris Theater in Palos Verdes, CA by Peninsula School of Performing Arts. Videographer is Marc Gold of 24KT Sound & Video, San Pedro, CA.

I’ve been filming theater and dance for PSPA for more than 10 years now. This was a single camera shoot filmed with my Sony PXW X200. Coming from a dance background myself, I love the challenge of following intricate dance movement on stage. Every second of footage has to be spot on. No second camera to cut to. Focus and follow have to be perfectly accurate. Fingers on the iris ring and audio controls constantly adjusting for changes in lighting intensity and audio levels. On my feet for 2.5 hours knowing full well that nothing can be done in post to fix a critical filming mistake. Slow breaths, sharply focused concentration. Exhilerating adrenlin rush for 2.5 hours during a show like this! Enjoy this 2.5 minute highlights from the ballet.

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