Bob’s 80th Birthday Video Highlight at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, San Pedro

Beautiful visuals in this outdoor 80th Birthday Celebration for Bob Bacinski on the patio of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Just me and my camera this time, working solo for the first time in a while without my P.A. but enjoying the experience and the freedom to move about the venue without restriction. Great lighting, great people! Bob wanted me to document the pre-reception set-up since it was all done by family and friends, and that’s how the highlight begins. Many of the guests responded with an on-camera birthday memory. Bob enjoyed taking me around to his guests so they could reminisce on camera. The highlight was made for the family as a part of their video package so it’s a bit longer than my other posts. Enjoy!

A note from our client:
I just had a chance to watch the highlight video and it is wonderful! I loved it so much! I appreciate that you captured so many special moments including the prep and set up, the atmosphere of the night, the wonderful interviews and moments of my dad’s speech.
You are the best!

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