Creating Picture Perfect Photo Montages

Dove’s 100th birthday party featured an animated photo montage that I made from a stack of photos given to me by her family. Very few of the pictures arrived in picture perfect condition. Look at the before and after photos below to get a feel for how nicely a damaged photo can be ‘fixed’ so that it looks much better than the original. The repair was made in Photoshop in about 10 minutes. There were over 100 photos in this project, some of them with multiple problems including hue and exposure issues, red eye, torn edges, scratches and more. After each one of them was retouched the photos were subtly animated. Music and titles were added to create a video that’s sure to become a valuable family heirloom. A bit of the finished montage is shown below including our ‘signature’ montage finale.

blemished photo


enhanced photo




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