Live Performance Videography in Los Angeles – La Bayadere

Exquisitely entertaining highlight from the ballet La Bayadere presented at the Norris Theater in Palos Verdes, CA by Peninsula School of Performing Arts. Videographer is Marc Gold of 24KT Sound & Video, San Pedro, CA.

I’ve been filming theater and dance for PSPA for more than 10 years now. This was a single camera shoot filmed with my Sony PXW X200. Coming from a dance background myself, I love the challenge of following intricate dance movement on stage. Every second of footage has to be spot on. No second camera to cut to. Focus and follow have to be perfectly accurate. Fingers on the iris ring and audio controls constantly adjusting for changes in lighting intensity and audio levels. On my feet for 2.5 hours knowing full well that nothing can be done in post to fix a critical filming mistake. Slow breaths, sharply focused concentration. Exhilerating adrenlin rush for 2.5 hours during a show like this! Enjoy this 2.5 minute highlights from the ballet.

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