South Bay Bar Mitzvah Videography – Highlight

Here’s a delightful video highlight from Jack’s bar mitzvah ceremony comprised of still images taken from the video footage and montaged with music. I like to send these to my clients to enjoy while I’m working on the main body of footage. The venue is Congregation B’nai Tzdek in Costa Mesa, CA. We shot the ceremony with two cameras from our perch above the sanctuary. Family shots were posed by the photographer and shot from the sanctuary level before the ceremony. It’s an interesting process, selecting the photos that is. An image can be extracted from anywhere in the video that looks great, bypassing blinks and the sometimes odd facial expressions that show up when you stop the video on the wrong frame. A software program takes all the images, in this case about 85 of them, and creates the animation with just a few key strokes. Later in the evening we filmed the reception. Great fun. I’ll post again when it’s all edited. Enjoy!

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