Videography for Auditions and Talent Demos Los Angeles

John James’ mom, in from New York for a short visit, needed a talent demo for her son’s audition, and needed it in a hurry. Not a problem. Within a couple of hours of mom’s call I built a set in my San Pedro studio, set lights and we were ready to go. Mom was thrilled with the lighting that showed off her son’s red hair.  We rehearsed a bit to fine-tune the delivery and within a half hour wound up with a great take. John James did an outstanding, expressive, animated read that was exactly what mom wanted. I uploaded the video to, sent mom the link and, after some friendly conversation, said good-bye with sincere thanks for entrusting me with this production. I had mentioned to mom that the last audition I did for a young, aspiring actor resulted in a job almost immediately. Good luck, John James! Hope this works magic for you!