Professional Video Production – Maxing-Out the Options

If you own a business you’ve got options here at 24KT Video on the production end as well as in post. We continuously reinvest in new software to perfect the finished product and new hardware that expands our clients’ creative options to film their products, services and business events in quite extraordinary ways. To that end we added a new camera that allows us to film our client’s videos “on the move”, walking, driving, riding, running…over the roughest terrain, even up stairs, with steadicam-like smoothness. Stealthy, inconspicuous, versatile are all good words for our newest camera, affectionately named (by us) “OSMO”.

Accessorized to the max with a pro shotgun mic for pristine audio pickup even at a distance, a boompole, LED lamp, suction cup mount for car windows, roofs, side panels and hoods, a mini tripod for stable placement on tabletops in trade show booths and conference tables, on floors, storefront windows or handheld. But it’s OSMO’S triple axis, synchronized, motor-driven gimbles that provide a silky smooth, stable shot regardless of the terrain that make it perhaps our most valuable tool.

OSMO opens up incredibly creative filming possibilities for our clients’ events and commercials like never before. And if that weren’t enough, OSMO films in ultra high definition 4K video as well as 1080p and doesn’t need to be operated by a videographer standing behind the camera. OSMO is remote controlled with a phone or ipad app from up to 10 feet away. In sensitive locations like some churches where cameramen aren’t permitted in the best filming positions, OSMO can be placed out of sight and be controlled to perfection.

We gave OSMO a little workout on a recent road trip to the beach at Royal Palms. Handheld, tripod and window-mounted clips can be seen in the demo. My capable intern, Andrew B.Z. handled the controls. Enjoy!

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24KT is based in San Pedro, CA, where we’ve provided expert video production services since 1979. We produce commercial videos for businesses and websites and document weddings and special events and can assisit you in English or Spanish by calling (310) 547 - 4702 or by email. We gladly collaborate with out-of-town production companies and agencies.

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