L.A. Video Production – Creating Stunning Interviews, Talking Heads and Testimonials

Don’t risk bringing down your video production with amateur-looking interviews! With a little bit of ‘professional’ attention to the details, interviews and testimonials can look stunning. The trick is to create an appropriate set for the shoot and light it properly. When Western International Securities hired 24KT to film company testimonials for their website and social media during their week-long conference at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, we brought in our own pipe and drape backdrop with custom made black, pleated drapes. We used two 1000 watt LED lights for key and fill on dimmers for optimal control as well as a c-stand mounted hair and shoulder light to provide some separation from the dark background. Take a look at these beautiful still images of the WIS speakers and see what I mean about creating sharp, beautifully sculpted talking heads.

image6 image7 image8 image9 image10 image4 image3 WIS Talking Head


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24KT is based in San Pedro, CA, where we’ve provided expert video production services since 1979. We produce commercial videos for businesses and websites and document weddings and special events and can assisit you in English or Spanish by calling (310) 547 - 4702 or by email. We gladly collaborate with out-of-town production companies and agencies.

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