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Hold on to your hats and fasten your seat belts for some magnificent dancing!Outstanding three camera video highlight of Nuestras Raices’ 20th anniversary performance of baile folklorico. This is our 3rd year filming for this South Bay club who welcomed us back to film their milestone 20th anniversary show. We filmed with three cameras, one close-up, another wide and the third backstage on a camera crane for some truly unique action shots of the dancers. Our 20 minute photo montage and dance rehearsal reel greeted guests entering the Redondo Beach Center for Performing Arts where the show was staged. We attended a rehearsal in advance of the performance to set up and test out the crane to be sure it was in a safe location for this nearly 3 hour extravaganza. Below is a 2 minute, high energy highlight with some clips from the show. Enjoy!

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24KT is based in San Pedro, CA, where we’ve provided expert video production services since 1979. We produce commercial videos for businesses and websites and document weddings and special events and can assisit you in English or Spanish by calling (310) 547 - 4702 or by email. We gladly collaborate with out-of-town production companies and agencies.

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